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Sending AWS CloudWatch alarms to a Hipchat room

Posted by Renan Rangel

I was trying the other day to receive CloudWatch alarms on a Hipchat room, when I had the idea to use AWS Lambda to do the hard work for me, instead of having to run it on some server to receive an HTTP request from SNS.

After you create your Hipchat integration, note down the token and room number so you can use it with the Lambda function.

You need to start by creating a SNS topic to receive the alarm notifications and subscribe it to a Lambda function. Everytime you get an alarm from CloudWatch, it gets sent to SNS, which will call the Lambda function that will connect to the Hipchat API and send it to your room.

You can fing the script in rvrangel/cloudwatch-hipchat at GitHub or just copy it below. Don't forget to adjust your Hipchat variables!

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