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Public DNS Comparison

Posted by Renan Rangel

I have been using Google DNS for some time and, while I agree that it does a good job, it also has some drawbacks. I have looked for some other public DNS providers, trying to find some information about which ones do not redirect when a record is not found or that work with DNSBLs (DNS Blackhole List), but the information is not simple to find. So I decided to gather the information and display here for public (and my own) use.

Getting redirected to a search page when a domain is not found really pisses me of. I know that some of these providers (like OpenDNS) support their free service this way, but it is really annoying. The table below shows the comparison of a few services:

DNS Server IP Address 1 IP Address 2 NXDOMAIN DNSBL support Query time
Google DNS
DNS Advantage

*NXDOMAIN - Returns a "domain not found" instead of a search page.
*DNSBL - Supports DNS based blacklists for use with mail servers.
*Query time - As measured from a server in San Francisco.

It is a shame most servers do not accept these 2 things. I guess you should keep the ones that don't do search redirects for unknown domains for desktops and the others for mail servers that require DNSBLs. Also, it was a bit surprising seeing Google DNS taking so much time compared to the others.

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