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Debian Wheezy released this weekend!

Posted by Renan Rangel

DebianThe highly awaited stable release has reached the 7.0 version (code name "Wheezy"), brining some very interesting things along the way.

For the first time, Debian users will be able to install packages from both 32-bit and 64-bits architecture on the same systems with full dependency resolution. Also worth noting is that the installer supports software speech, making it easier to visually impaired people to install it.

Quite a few new packages I was interested in running in production have made into the release (tcptrack, finally!). The kernel was bumped to 3.2, although I will miss some of the late improvements. Notable upgrades include MySQL 5.5, PHP 5.4.4, Postgres 9.1, Samba 4 (unfortunately only the beta release) and Xen 4.1. For those out there used to Gnome 2.x, bad news: Gnome 3.x has made its way and there is no easy way to switch back to 2.x. I guess I will have to keep using Gnome 2 on Gentoo instead.

It seems that the wheezy-backports is not ready yet (or at least not visible on Sometimes it is the only way to get new versions from an official source without having to compile it yourself.

By the way, the codename for the testing release has become "Jessie".

So, prepare your test environments and lets start the upgrades 😀

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