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Nvidia Tegra 3

Posted by Renan Rangel

I recently bought an ASUS Transformer Prime and have being using it for some time now. This tablet is kind of special, as it is the first Android-powered quad-core tablet.

Actually, it is not a quad-core tablet. The processor inside it - Tegra 3 - has 4 cores of 1.4 GHz each, plus a "companion" core of 500 MHz. This core is activated when the device is idle and/or runs background and low resource tasks, increasing its battery life. When more processing power is needed, the other cores automatically kick in and you have got a workhorse in your hands.

Switching processes from the main cores to the companion core happens very quickly and transparently to the applications. You can see a demo of how it works in the video below:

The processor and the tablet seem to be very good at multitasking. The applications load quickly and you almost never see any lag when using the interface. The GPU also has some improvements over the previous version, featuring 12 cores. If you don't know what this little beast is capable of, check out this video:

But not only Android manufacturers are interested in the platform. Audi announced that they are going to use Tegra 3 in their next generation vehicles. Tegra 3 may even visit the moon this year. So keep an eye out for new uses of this incredible platform.