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Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

Posted by Renan Rangel

Mozilla announced today the stable version of the new simulator for the Firefox OS, that you can install as an add-on on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Firefox OS and Developer Tools

It is pretty big for an add-on (~50MB as of now) but it includes the complete simulator and also the default apps, so you get to play with it pretty without much work.

Testing it for a few minutes, I was able to find a few minor bugs, but the interface remembers me of Android, specially the notification bar. The marketplace is simple and does the job, you can install apps with a few clicks touches. If you want to take a peek at the console, you just have to tick a checkbox before starting the simulator.

I am sure the Firefox OS has a long road and may not have a official device for the near future, but it sure looks promising! As a long time supporter of Mozilla, I am very interested in the project. Some mobile developers might not be too happy about having to support yet another platform, but Javascript developers will surely appreciate it!

If you want to download and test the simulator, head to Mozilla Add-Ons and download it for your platform.